Title: What’s With All Of The ‘Hairy Arms’ In Graphic Design?
Context: Distraction is the better part of design valor.
Synopsis: Many times, opinions are given simply for the sake of being heard. Or worse, just because someone’s position allows them to give an opinion they feel that they should, even if it brings no discernible value to the proceedings. As the owner of the work in question, it is hard not to take these superfluous critiques personally. It is obvious that the minor, inconsequential change comes from a place of power and not of considered opinion, yet it must be listened to, internalized, and even absorbed into the final product. Unless—and I would never advocate this mind you—you use your red cape to divert the bull’s attention from the real target. One could, if one were so inclined, add a flourish or alternative design so noticeable, so obviously garish, that anyone feeling it was their executive duty to input their offhand opinion into the mix had something screaming out at them to be chosen as the focus of their mediocre aesthetic. Some might consider this the ploy of a dishonest designer…but that would only be said if you were to be caught in the act. So if you are going to try and be clever, you had better also be sly about it. Roll up your sleeves, get to work, and show off those distractingly hairy arms.
Best Bit: “I don’t think Snow White had hairy arms. I’m not quite sure.”

via npr.org