Title: Why User Experience is the New Brand Loyalty Program
Context: Customers love your product. Once they figure out how to set the damn thing up.
Synopsis: Things usually don’t “just work”. Mostly because things are complex. Technology doesn’t in and of itself make things easier, the way it augments a person’s—or people’s—inherent skills is where this idea comes from but getting to the point where the technology is doing what it is intended to do can be anything but easy. Sure you could call customer service to help walk you through the whole product setup process but who really wants to do that? (Hint: no one) So not only is the operation of your product a make or break part of the overall customer—and indeed: brand—experience, but everything leading up to the point of use is equally as important to the user’s overall perception. As the people who make things that people use, we sometimes get so caught up in our specific part of the experience that we neglect to consider how it might fit into the wider, broader customer’s interaction prior and post your lone contribution. If you don’t, customers may feel frustrated, or worse: stupid, and they are going to look for someone to blame for those feelings. And that someone will invariably be your product.
Best Bit: “If brands were more concerned with brand loyalty, they should also be concerned with a better user experience as a whole, including considering the after purchase woes.”

via elearningmind.com