Title: How to pretend you’re a great designer
Context: If you can’t BE a great designer, just PRETEND that you are. Really, who’ll know the difference?
Synopsis: We are all design disruptors bringing holistic user-centric methodologies to the table in the face of antiquated waterfall mindsets that fail to grasp the value add approach we champion as we leverage customer advocacy for maximum effect in the mobile first marketplace where our output strives to compete against context-agnostic, downmarket legacy content driven from the perspective of uninformed stakeholders that exist outside our persona-led, lean startup mentality which continues to deliver delight as a function of our change-agent strategic mindset to product delivery lifecycles enriching the outcomes and exceeding the expectations of our demographically segmented market.
Best Bit: “When someone challenges you, just say ‘that’s how Amazon does it’. That will teach them to keep questions to themselves next time!”

via thedesignteam.io