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May 2016

Title: How IDEO Designers Persuade Companies to Accept Change Context: Having trouble designing for someone? Try designing with them instead. Synopsis: The job of a designer is hardly limited to the act of designing. Especially when working for — and

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Title: HYPER-REALITY Context: Virtual. Augmented. Hyper. Whatever happened to good old “real” reality? Oh, that’s right…not enough ad space. Best Bit: In a digitally saturated future, religion might just become a better Google than Google. via

Picasso as a proxy for creativity

Title: Domain Specificity of Creativity: Theory, Research, and Practice Context: Creativity does not succeed without expertise. It’s just science. Synopsis: From the time we are young, individuals are categorized. He’s a good athlete. She’s smart. Those guys over there eating

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Traffic jam participation

Title: Design as Participation Context: Who should we be designing for? Nothing like a dense academic treatise to answer an otherwise straightforward question. Synopsis: Designers design for users. This is dogma. Fact. Law even. That’s basically our job description. Users

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Psychedelic UX. It's Trippy Man.

Title: Psychedelic UX. It’s Trippy Man. Context: Finally! My very own O’Reilly book! Get your copy today! Synopsis: Delivering a better user experience through chemistry. via