Title: Google Ventures On How Sketching Can Unlock Big Ideas
Context: Anyone can draw a conclusion, a bath, and yes, even a sketch. Google it if you don’t believe me.
Synopsis: The hardest thing about ideas isn’t generating them, it’s communicating them. Words are great. They can do all sorts of stuff very efficiently. But they tend to have limited efficacy when trying to communicate abstract concepts with brevity and clarity. The lengths a person needs to go through in order to paint a verbal picture for someone increases exponentially in relation to their unfamiliarity with the concept. So you come up with an idea in your head. It’s new and exciting but still rough and undeveloped. Even your ownself might be struggling to organize a written or verbal rendition of what’s in your head. However, grab a pencil and a blank sheet of paper and invariably the concept can be explained in just a few simple lines (and hell, even add in a few descriptive words for the heck of it — why not?) That’s the power of sketching. It’s not about pretty pictures, it’s about brilliant ideas. And a picture is worth a million of them.
Best Bit: “So, who sketched that solution? It wasn’t a designer, an architect, or an illustrator. It was Byard Duncan, the Man Who Couldn’t Draw.”

via fastcodesign.com