Title: The Year’s Boldest Ideas In User Interface Design
Context: UI’s of the future…from the past year.
Synopsis: Our phones can now turn on our lightbulbs. Virtual reality saves us from having to interact with flesh and blood people. We finally have watches that even Dick Tracy would be envious of. What a glorious time to be alive. The technology that powers just about every aspect of our networked world is driving a revolution in UI design that is changing the way we create, consume, and manipulate the real and virtual environments that surround us. No longer will it require hallucinogenics in order to see things that aren’t really there. From now on, even the dumbest object can pretend to be smart. The new order means we are all wired together, like it or not! Yes, the future is indeed right in front of our faces, even as it continues to nip at our heels.
Best Bit: “As we head it into the new year, consider [this post] a primer on what the sci-fi visionaries of today are trying to make the reality of tomorrow.”

via fastcodesign.com