Title: The state of UX in 2015 / 2016
Context: UX Design: What happened in 2015 and what will happen in 2016. Just in case you weren’t paying attention and aren’t omniscient.
Synopsis: Ah, the holiday season. Winding up the year with festive gatherings of family and friends…just as soon as you finish reading the 80 bajillion end-of-year retrospectives and the additional 90 quatrillion whats-coming-next-year articles. Well, here’s one that kills 2 birds with a single stone! What happened the past year AND what’s going to happen in the next. Saving you time and energy, that’s just what I do. You can thank me by going to my Amazon Wish List and getting me something nice. Happy Holidays everyone, and even more importantly: remember what you screwed up in 2015 so you don’t make the same mistakes in 2016…
Best Bit: “It might be that 2015 was the year you finally added the buzzword ‘UX’ to your LinkedIn profile…”

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