Title: 4 Design Lessons From The Pixar Team
Context: Pixar doesn’t just “make” movies, they design them. And like all design, they have a process.
Synopsis: Creative genius is messy. You could not possibly recreate the superlative talents of a Picasso or a Michelangelo or even a Kurosawa. Their gifts are innate, their methods are instinctive. Or perhaps not always. Process is the habit of recreating success within a framework that allows for conviction rather than desperation as the fuel for such genius. The building blocks of most creative processes are disparate yet there are threads that unite creative skill, if not inspiration. Among these are invariably knowing your subject through rigorous study. One must also never be afraid to share and borrow to and from the world at large. The removal of all superfluous information is another constant. And finally, a religious refusal to overlook the tiniest element is the polish that makes true genius shine so bright. So, while creative brilliance may not exist in an algorithmic state, its practice is there for all the world to see, and indeed, borrow.
Best Bit: “One of Pixar’s in-house strategies is a concept they call ‘Simplexity,’ or a way of ‘simplifying an image down to its essence’…”

via fastcodesign.com