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October 2015
Pixar's design process

Title: 4 Design Lessons From The Pixar Team Context: Pixar doesn’t just “make” movies, they design them. And like all design, they have a process. Synopsis: Creative genius is messy. You could not possibly recreate the superlative talents of a

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Transitions and animation overkill

Title: Your UI isn’t a Disney Movie Context: Just because something can move, doesn’t mean it should. Synopsis: In much the same way a starving man can eat himself to death when finally presented with unlimited food after a prolonged

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Oh, of course. Now I see.

Title: The Obvious, the Easy, and the Possible Context: It’s not a question of minimizing complexity, it’s rather about optimizing obviousity [sic]. Synopsis: They never said it would be easy. In this case, “they” are most likely “us” (if “us”

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If engineers were treated like designers.

Title: If engineers were treated like designers. Context: The subjectivity of the majority of design criticism when applied to other disciplines is sadly laughable. via