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September 2015
Rocker light dimmer switch

Title: 100 Days of Good UX Context: It’s the little things in life that make it worth living: sunsets, puppies, sick transitional mobile app animations. Get some. Best Bit: Check out “Day 42: VDOT Billboards”. Brilliant. via

Designing for all 5 senses

Title: Designing For All Five Senses Context: You don’t simply experience a user experience, you see, hear, feel, touch, and taste a user experience. Synopsis: A complete picture of a product’s experience does not exist in the mere moment one

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Numbers interpretation

Title: The Psychology of Numbers in Design Context: Numbers, numbers everywhere, nor any data to drive behavior. Synopsis: Numbers are funny. Not “ha, ha” funny, but rather “huh, that’s strange” funny. Odd if you will. Even the even ones. Numbers

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Title: Stop Thinking About User Interface: A Product Approach for Designing Products of the Future Context: Before assuming that a GUI is the answer you might want to first reconsider the question. Synopsis: When you are a software designer, every

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Title: Death to Bullshit Context: One man stands alone in the face of the unrelenting bullshit choking the internet. Best Bit: You must try the “Turn bullshit on?” link in the upper right of the home page. via

Telephone dialpad

Title: Telephone Keypad Design Context: Why we dial the phone the way we do: user research. Synopsis: Did you ever stop to think about why the dialing buttons on your phone are arranged the way they are? Wait! Don’t leave

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