Title: Our world is full of bad UX, and it’s costing us dearly
Context: We don’t design things, we design for people and sometimes what we design just happen to be things.
Synopsis: Design is not always a life and death situation. Except when it is. Sure it’s great when our taxi hailing app, our book ordering software, our picture sharing platform all perform superlatively, but no one is going to die if they don’t (no matter what your teenagers may say about Facebook being down at the moment). But sometimes the stakes are higher. Of course these use cases tend to be specific and exist amongst an “expert” user cohort, so why waste all the additional time and effort required to make their tools work and look as good as the latest virtual pig flinging game? There is a whole world out there of horribly designed — or more accurately; non-designed — products that are leading to very poor (and occasionally tragic) outcomes and no one seems to be too worried about it. Design is there to solve problems for people, and sometimes, even problems that really, really matter.
Best Bit: “Bad designs are always the ones that collide with human behaviors; therefore, good designs are the ones that are transparent and helpful.”

via radar.oreilly.com