Title: Brand voice and UX: A starter guide
Context: Usable and boring loses out to usable with personality every single time.
Synopsis: As designers of products we sometimes like to consider ourselves above the mundanity of branding. “Our calling is much loftier” we tell ourselves, “than mere marketing hokum.” “We do not lie to people to get them to use our product” we explain, “we solve real problems, not ones created in a hypnotic blather of invented desire.” But we forget that our users—no, our customers!—do not always see the differentiation between functionality and desirability. To them, it’s a package deal. And if either side is lacking, they do not split hairs, they leave and find another offering that suits the full range of human need and aspiration. Usability can exist in a vacuum, but it’s so much more enjoyable when it has a personality to go along with its intuitiveness.
Best Bit: “Sophisticated consumers call for effortless experiences. Effortless for them, that is. Us? We’re responsible for doing whatever it takes to provide such an experience while differentiating our brand in a meaningful way.”

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