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August 2015
Medical software (crappy) UI

Title: Our world is full of bad UX, and it’s costing us dearly Context: We don’t design things, we design for people and sometimes what we design just happen to be things. Synopsis: Design is not always a life and

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User stories

Title: How to produce better designs for complex apps Context: User stories: the cause of — and solution to — all of your software’s problems. Synopsis: Ernest Hemingway famously said about writing stories: “Write drunk, edit sober.” Unfortunately when it

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Design Team Morale vs. Product Quality matrix

Title: UX Is a Canary in a Coal Mine Context: Happy designers = better products. So make sure your designers are happy dammit! Synopsis: Are you happy? Not always an easy question to answer I know. Happiness comes and goes,

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The UX Designer Paradox

Title: The UX Designer Paradox Synopsis: It’s not always easy to know what your user’s needs really are. But this shouldn’t be taken as a rationale to design whatever the hell you want.

ProtectWise UI

Title: Redefining security visualization with Hollywood UI design Context: Don’t judge a product by its UI…pffftt! Just kidding! Totally judge everything by its UI. Synopsis: Bells and whistles. All sizzle and no steak. Freshly painted front porch but nobody home.

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Here's your product on personality.

Title: Brand voice and UX: A starter guide Context: Usable and boring loses out to usable with personality every single time. Synopsis: As designers of products we sometimes like to consider ourselves above the mundanity of branding. “Our calling is

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3 performative rhizome lines . .Image credit: Jef Safi, "3 performative rhizome lines . .", February 3, 2008, Flickr

Title: Stop Trying To Be Creative Context: Creativity happens when you least expect it. Synopsis: Try as you might, creative inspiration just won’t come. But that’s most likely your problem right there: that little word “try”. You can’t force inspiration.

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All of these things look just like the others.

Title: Design machines: How to survive the digital apocalypse. Context: The era of digital production has standardized creativity. Synopsis: Man has always feared his own obsolescence. Since the dawn of the industrial age our bogeyman has invariably been the machine.

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