Title: Well-designed interfaces look boring
Context: Shiny new things are sometimes better dull.
Synopsis: Ah, the future. It’s going to be great. Touchscreen, holographic, virtual reality user interfaces everywhere we will look, controlling everything we will do, ubiquitous everywhere we will go. Unless not. The conventional wisdom (read: Hollywood) would have you believe that the more technology subsumes every last iota of our day-to-day, we will have to mentally evolve into data-manipulating, arm-flailing masters of the digital ether that will come to envelope us. We will not mask this inherent complexity, we will embrace it! We will live it! We will (like it or not) love it! Unless not. Perhaps instead of becoming enslaved by the very tools we design to free us from the drudgery of pushing, pulling, turning, tweaking, and twiddling we will send it all away. Maybe we will take the opportunity to re-engage with the world at large and minimize the front end of our technological progress, inverting boring lives with hypnotizing virtuality. Unless not.
Best Bit: “Computers are starting to outpace the computational abilities of our brains, and fine-grained controls in interfaces are becoming overwhelming. The more we can do with a tool, the more the interface has to get out of the way.”

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