Title: 5 Steps To Re-create Xerox PARC’s Design Magic (From The Guy Who Helped Make It)
Context: Want good ideas? Most companies can’t handle what it takes to have good ideas.
Synopsis: Innovation. There is no substitute. All of our greatest achievements have been powered through systematic innovation. Innovative people. With innovative minds. Innovating. Except; no. I would say that there’s a fine line between innovation and invention but that would just be my corporate myopia talking. The next, great, new, amazing thing is rarely an innovation. It is almost always an invention. What’s the difference? Well, for starters, one you can rigidly control, and one either happens or it doesn’t. One makes money now, and one might or might not be profitable at some point in the future. One is a buzzword, and one is…well…almost impossible to define. Now, which one do you think most businesses are more comfortable with?
Best Bit: “Get the best people. Don’t manage them.”

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