Title: Let Your Users Wait
Context: We all have to wait sometimes, however it’s not the time you wait, but rather how you perceive the wait time that matters.
Synopsis: Anticipation can be delicious. Suspense makes us tingle with excitement. Expectations are very often more satisfying than the actual outcome. So why is it that we spend so much of our time trying to design away these fleeting moments of agonizing ecstasy? Not all experiences need to—or should—be streamlined. Give your customers a breather every once in a while. These are busy people and an occasional break from the endless onslaught of efficiency that seems to make up the overwhelming majority of their lives might actually be a welcome respite in an otherwise relentless assault of systemic competence. Stopping to smell the roses (read: watch the progress bar) might not increase our productivity, but it might just save our sanity.
Best Bit: “Do not assume that the obvious option (give the user the data he asked for as fast as possible, in this case) is the right one. Sometimes increasing efficiency may harm the overall experience.”

via uxmag.com