Title: The Science of Happy Design
Context: Rather than efficient, connected, and smarter what if we instead designed technology to make us happy?
Synopsis: If you wrote down all of the values that we aspire to when working towards a design solution for a technology problem there will invariably be one self-evidently crucial omission: happiness. Sure we use words like “delight” and “simple” and “convenient” as a proxy but we are just dancing around the truth which is we don’t often know how to make people genuinely “happy”. What’s more, we don’t know if we should—or even want to—make people happy! Is that our job? Are we supposed to prioritize utility over happiness in all instances? I would be horribly disappointed if the answer to that last question was yes. Not that these concepts need be mutually exclusive, but it is often a question of priority. I don’t know about you, but I for one could use a bit less usefulness and a lot more happiness in my life.
Best Bit: “I know it’s an algorithm but it feels more like a friend.”

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