Title: One Magic Formula to Calculate User Experience?
Context: The holy grail of UX: quantifying a user’s experience. The bane of UX: math.
Synopsis: It is impossible to quantify every aspect, input, factor, and interaction vector that go into designing the experienced experience of something, so why even bother trying? Ha! Trick question! Impossibility is no reason to not do something, isn’t it not? Experiences are real. Numbers are real too. (Except when they are imaginary, but let us not be distracted from the unfeasibility of the task at hand.) As math tells us; if a is true and b is also true, then surely a is equal to b (or something like that, you might need to use a logarithmic scale or dispersal calculus to prove my point, but trust me). So enough of this designerly-biased, numerotic revulsion. Embrace the arithmetical and users will beat a path to your quantifically demonstrable user experience of mathetic proportions!
Best Bit: ux = (p*i) / v

via gibbon.co