Title: How To Be (And Stay) Creative
Context: Creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised or it atrophies from neglect. No one wants to be a 99 pound creative weakling.
Synopsis: The world at large is largely arrayed against the act of creativity. We pay lip service to great acts of originality. We lionize those few who break free from the status quo. We celebrate change as the endgame all should seek. Yet we cram standardized test down our children’s throats, we deride work that deviates from popular taste, we look askance at those who stand out like sore thumbs and in fact judge most originality to be be counter to the culture, a slur that scares off all but the most open minded among us. These sobering facts should in no way deter you from pursuing creativity with abandon—indeed they should propel you forward, they should compel you to express your imagination ruthlessly. Only through flagrant and ceaseless acts of creativity can we ever hope to break free of socially accepted conformity. Human individuality is not a bug, it is a feature.
Best Bit: “The truly creative person never stops thinking and producing. There are no days off for anyone who wants to make great work.”

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