Title: Deceptive Simplicity
Context: If achieving true simplicity was really simple, everyone would simply do it.
Synopsis: Simplicity has it so easy. Should things be simple to use? Of course they should. Complexity is the enemy of usability. Simplicity is its friend. No one ever says, “I wish this was harder to use,” do they? Of course they don’t. But could it be possible that we have gone too far down the path of simplicity? Everything can’t really be “simple”. Brain surgery. Rocket science. Filing your taxes. OK, forget the last one, but there are always going to be things in life that resist simplification, and that doesn’t make them bad things. Can we as designers make them easier to use? Of course we should—and can! No one should be against simplicity, it’s over-simplicity wherein the problem lies.
Best Bit: “Simplicity is so alluring and captivating that many of us find ourselves in the process of architecting lies.”

via azumbrunnen.me