Title: Collaboration through the Design Studio
Context: There is an art to both the giving, and receiving, of criticism.
Synopsis: Nobody likes to hear people tell them how much they suck. Rudeness is not intended to improve conditions, it is cruelty designed to point out faults and hold something up to ridicule under the guise of honesty. However, criticism in and of itself does not equate to meanness. There is of course constructive criticism but still, a mere semantic modifier does not always alter the harshness of intent. But words do matter, as “critique” on the other hand sets itself apart from its bullying cousin “criticism” by implying a structure, a process, and a genuine desire to understand or instruct as opposed to tearing down. Criticism tells; critique inquires. Criticism is rigid; critique is a methodology. Criticism is not concerned with improvement; critique pushes one to be, and do, better. So instead of “telling it like it is” the next time try to instead “tell it like it could be”.
Best Bit: “The good critique sessions I’ve come out of, I always feel like I’ve learned something about what we’re designing that’s bigger than just, ‘Hey, I’ve got to change this text and I’ve got to move that field over to here and I need a button here.’”

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