Title: The New Voice of YOU: Communicating Through the Digital Interface
Context: How to Win Friends and Influence People with people (not “user”)-centric UX.
Synopsis: When you meet a new person and want that person to like you do you stare at them blankly? Do you ignore the social cues they are displaying? Do you criticize them and correct their behavior with unfeeling messages (You have failed to impress me with your previous action. Would you like to try again? OK/Cancel)? Of course not. And why not? Because you’re not an ignorant git, that’s why not. Yet we consider such antisocial behavior to be perfectly acceptable parts of the experiences we design for users—excuse me, I mean “people”. Sure, the average interface is not imbued with kick-ass artificial intelligence capable of discerning an individual’s mood, intent, and goals but do we really have to be so rude about this lack of intuition? Can’t we at least augment this cognitive inability within a framework of the types of things that people can positively respond to? Smiles and respect and clarity and encouragement? C’mon! I know you can do it! You’re smart and talented and creative! :-)

(See what I did there?…)
Best Bit: “Since digital communication is mostly action and often involves no written or spoken words at all, we must gain insight to our users’ wishes through their actions.”

via uxpamagazine.org