Title: Behind the scenes: Design sprint with Gimlet Media
Context: If you build it, they will come. But how do you know what to build in the first place? Design sprint prototypes. You’re welcome.
Synopsis: The Greatest Idea In The World™ We’ve all had it. Most likely more than once. But how do you know if it really is the greatest idea ever? Is it worth giving up your livelihood? Mortgaging your house? Selling your kids? OK, the last one would require a really, really great idea for sure, but the point is: how can you tell if an idea is actually worth giving up everything for? Well, you build it of course! But not really, because by the time you finish building it—after investing immense amounts of blood, sweat and tears—you then realize, “hey, you know what? That idea really wasn’t so great after all!” But by then it’s too late; you’ve no job, no home, no kids…well, you get the picture. So what’s the alternative? Well, you prototype it of course! Less time. Less effort. (Amount of blood, sweat, and tears remains negotiable.) Plus you get to keep your job, house—and if you really, really want—even your kids.
Best Bit: “But that’s what prototypes are for; they’re a quick way find out which ideas are good, and which ones need a shut up button.”

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