Title: 3 things poor interfaces and zombies have in common
Context: The danger posed to society at large by the undead pales in comparison to the existential threat of poor UX.
Synopsis: It is a forgone conclusion that at some point in our immediate future the dead will rise from their graves to feast upon the flesh of the living in an orgiastic apocalypse of biblical end time horror. It’s just science. In the meantime however, we are faced with an even graver menace: the barbarity of terrible user interface design. Oh the humanity! Unresponsive controls that do nothing and lead nowhere. Cognitive chaos resulting from ill-conceived content planning and impenetrable hierarchies. The equivocal confusion of shambolic messaging and pointless signifiers. One would almost prefer the fate of being an zombie hors d’oeuvre to that of a hapless victim of soulless UX. The worst part is that while a well placed spike to the cranium is all that is required to dispatch a mindless zombie attacker, there is no proverbially equivalent silver bullet to use against a fatally offensive UI. So I ask you, which is the bigger threat to humanity: the walking dead or a baffling interface? *shudder*
Best Bit: “A clear and understandable language is a rarity, not only among the undead, but unfortunately also among interfaces.”

via userbrain.net