Title: Stop Apologizing for Being Creative
Context: Creativity and business do not mix. Said every business failure ever.
Synopsis: In many (sad and unfortunate) ways, creativity is punished. Why? It scares the hell out of people quite frankly. Mostly because – by definition – creativity is the full throttled disruption of the status quo. Creativity is not concerned with protecting the way things are or preserving people’s comfort and security. No, creativity fights against the constraints it encounters, it challenges consistency, it rebels against sameness. This is its greatest strength, and – if you ask its detractors – also its greatest insult. It is hard to be creative and not upset those who have invested in the alternative. Does this mean you should not be creative? Should you resist the impulse to destroy through the act of creation? Of course not! Create and build and think and do to your heart’s content! Eventually, even your fiercest and most bland opponent will open their eyes to the relentless beauty that you have helped unleash, and if they don’t, forget them. Infect the grey recesses of this world with your illuminating creativity and apologize for none of it.
Best Bit: “The business world wasn’t built on the notion that creative ideas power our companies, but we are realizing now that they do. People sitting in cubes performing standard tasks over and over can’t achieve anything great.”

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