Title: The Top UX Predictions for 2015
Context: Enough with looking back on the old year in design. More importantly, what does the future hold in store?
Synopsis: Hindsight is 20/20. Conversely, we are all equally blind when it comes to seeing the future. However, an inability to know what lies ahead should never stop us from guessing, right? And to be fair, informed prediction and random speculation are two different beasts. We know from whence we come and keep the lessons learned along the way as souvenirs. These experiences are the fuel that power our journey down the unseen road ahead, which we pave as we go. Will some lead nowhere? Sure. But some will take us to the exact place we thought they would, and—if we’re lucky—many of them will lead us along serendipitous voyages we never could have imagined even in spite of (or more accurately; because of) the very baggage we carry. We are equally blinded and propelled by the things we have done and the sights we have seen. May your expedition be a fruitful one…
Best Bit: “Recently there have been a number of design firm acquisitions by large corporations, UX hiring sprees across a wide range of businesses, and, perhaps just as importantly, hiring of senior UX personnel in Director, VP and other influential positions within companies.”

via uxmag.com