Title: Horror Vacui
Context: Learn to embrace the emptiness. Your users already have.
Synopsis: You stare at your latest mockup. You strive for balance. You seek harmony. You crave cleanliness. Yet there are also characteristics to avoid at all costs: clutter, friction, discord, and emptiness. Yes emptiness. Designers prattle on endlessly about the benefits of “whitespace”, of “breathing room”, of “flow”, but accidentally drift into austere nothingness and their look will be as empty as UI they struggle to fill. No one knows exactly where the line between equilibrium and hollowness lies but, like most things that evoke our disgust, you will know it when you see it. Even when there is nothing at all to see.
Best Bit: “A single corner of a random PC laptop typically has more visual details — air vents, buttons, stickers, textures, colored ports, bezels — than a whole MacBook.”

via ignorethecode.net