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November 2014

Title: 11 Movements to Replace Common Things Context: Designers are problem solvers. We sometimes even solve problems that don’t really exist. Synopsis: Don’t you hate calendars? And fire hydrants? And door knobs? And child proof pill bottles? Especially child proof

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iOS, Android, Windows Phone system settings

Title: The UX of Mobile Settings Context: System settings are a garden of weeds that grows increasingly impenetrable the longer it goes untended. Synopsis: The need to change a user setting can end one of two ways. The first outcome

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Google material design

Title: Google’s Quest to Write the Rulebook for Interactive Design Context: Google’s new material design is more than just a guideline, it’s a way of thinking about interactivity. Synopsis: Of all of the things that Google owns in the minds

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MacBook Pro

Title: Horror Vacui Context: Learn to embrace the emptiness. Your users already have. Synopsis: You stare at your latest mockup. You strive for balance. You seek harmony. You crave cleanliness. Yet there are also characteristics to avoid at all costs:

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Worst. Design. Ever.

Redditors aim their considerable resources at cataloging the worst that design has to offer. Your eyes, they will bleed. via

The GitHub delete confirmation dialog

Title: The Three Laws of Interaction Design Context: Designing good software is the law. Or it should be. And if it was, these would be that law. Synopsis: Designing good software is hard. Not because it is difficult to know

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