Title: A Big Article About Wee Things: What Waldo Has to Do with Every Little Thing
Context: If the devil is in the details then why are UIs that ignore them so evil?
Synopsis: I don’t really care where Waldo is and I never have. I never found him to be the point of those wonderfully intricate drawings that he existed somewhere within. The obsessed would spend so much time looking for a single guy in a striped shirt and hat that they would miss all of the other incredible things going on around Waldo, wherever he wound up being. UIs can behave the same way. Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about making one thing obvious that we forget about all of the other cool stuff going on around it. But what choice do we have? The human brain likes its decisions clear cut and obvious. It’s a fine line we draw between clarity and chaos, design it well.
Best Bit: “I still have no idea as to what will happen when I click that arrow. I can guess, but its probably better for everyone if we’re not clicking around the internet trying to guess at what will happen next.”

via opennews.org