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September 2014
Dilbert cartoon

The team that designs a product for themselves has an idiot for an end user. via

Jockeys Before the Race by Edgar Degas

Title: Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design Context: Sometimes the pursuit of perfection is paved with imperfection. Synopsis: Nobody is perfect. We are told this from the time we are children then immediately set about trying to

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Process of a senior designer

The difference between a junior designer and a senior designer is a matter of perspective. Or a few diagrams at least. via

Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide

Title: Software is sometimes done Context: Finishing software used to happen all the time. Now it doesn’t. Software has become a process, not an object. Synopsis: Software gets “done” in much the same way a birthday cake doesn’t. The proverbial

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Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

Title: Bose Headphones and the Internet of Broken Things Context: All things must come to an end. But does the end really have to come so damn quickly? Synopsis: As technology rapidly replaces the mechanical in our increasingly noisy lives,

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Inconvenient cigarette packaging

When good people do bad things, bad design can help them change behavior and do better things. via

Title: Breaking up with the User in User Experience Strategy? Context: There are only two types of people who have “users” for clients; us, and drug dealers. Synopsis: Semantics can be a helluva thing. You design stuff, but do you

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