Title: Design isn’t just for consumer goods, your enterprise software needs it too
Context: The business of enterprise software used to be business, but it is rapidly becoming design.
Synopsis: Keen IO CEO talks about the business critical impact design has had on their enterprise software business (hint: it’s huge). The days of captive, you’ll-take-this-software-and-like-it corporate users are going the way of the fax machine. Today it’s not just that there are so many options available to business software users, it’s that their appetite for functional, well-designed, visually appealing experiences is considered a workplace birthright. And, more pertinent for the people trying to sell software into these environments, even the people who hold the pursestrings are expecting a well designed and executed brand experience from top to bottom. Design must permeate the whole enterprise software lifecycle if there is to be any realistic expectation of success. This is not your father’s business software business.
Best Bit: “We sell across departments; somebody in the finance arm, somebody in marketing, it could be the CEO, it could be the product manager, but they are all swayed by design.”

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