Title: Are Hollow Icons Really Harder to Recognize Than Solid Icons? A Research Study
Context: The age old argument between solid and outlined icons finally gets settled. A long 12 months of conflict finally resolved!
Synopsis: There are many assumptions made in regards to UI design, simply because it is almost impossible to test and validate every last pixel that is pushed into production as an artifact of a designer’s validly considered opinion. Of course this can sometimes lead to one of the most contentious battles in the whole design profession: which icon is better! I shudder when I think of the cumulative design hours wasted fervently arguing over the best, most intuitive, clearest pictogram to use to represent oftentimes significantly abstract concepts (“share” anyone?) But it is not just the metaphorical clarity of these symbols that can set blood to boil. No, even the graphical treatment used can ignite passions and have even the sanest designer reaching for the torch and/or pitchfork. Enter a researcher—the metaphorical Switzerland of the user experience world—to coolly settle any argument, without prejudice, leaving truth where once existed only rancor enabling us to get back to more important discussions, such as how to design a “share” icon that doesn’t totally suck.
Best Bit: Take a comparison test yourself at icon-test.net

via viget.com