Title: Doing UX in an Agile World: Case Study Findings
Context: Agile: It’s not just about programming anymore. Now UX designers get to suffer as well.
Synopsis: There is an apocryphal saying about democracy being the worst form of government yet still better than the available alternatives. This logic can doubtlessly and equally be applied to Agile in relation to all other development methodologies. This is especially and doubly true in relation to the practice of user experience design which sits outside the sphere of influence of just about every major development process one cares to name. At the very least Agile pays more than lip service to it’s role as a procedural big tent, encompassing all the relevant disciplines in a cross functional workflow covering end to end software creation. Is it perfect? Hardly. Does it try hard? Yes, I think it does. And the more we use it, and tweak it, and try it again, the better it will continue to get. We will essentially fix Agile through an Agile process of mechanistic iteration. How meta is that?
Best Bit: “Collaboration is key in successful product development. The involvement of cross-functional team members facilitates transparency and allows issues to be identified early.”

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