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Cataloging the art and science of user experience design
July 2014

Animated breeze through some core design principles. Learn as much as is humanly possible about design in less than a minute through the power of animation. via

Title: Bridging the Physical-Digital Divide: For UX Context: It’s the “internet of things” not the “internet of software”. Synopsis: Crappy and meaningless software (or the more colloquial: “apps”) are fine. Really they are. They cost almost nothing to make, you

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Mysterious elevator touchscreen controller

Title: Nonsensical UX: The Strange Case of an Elevator Touch Screen Context: In UI—as in life—just because you can, certainly does not mean that you should. Synopsis: We’ve undoubtedly all seen it: the inexplicable UI. You stand there staring at

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Calling yourself a storyteller doesn’t make it so. And the truth is, telling a story about how you are a storyteller is often a work of fiction. via

Keyboard navigation and Fitt's Law

Title: The Invisible Interface Context: Keyboard shortcuts are the red headed stepchild of mouse-less interaction. Doesn’t mean they aren’t beloved by those who know them best. Synopsis: Does anyone in their right mind actually use their mouse to select a

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Know those big, chunky, UK electric plugs? Apparently they designed a heck of a lot of safety features into those 3-pronged-foot-daggers-in-the-night. Except for the whole foot-dagger thing. via

Customized remote controls

How many remote control buttons would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck was sick of all the buttons he never used getting in his way all the time? via

Listen, ProfitImage credit: John, “Listen, Profit”, June 6, 2007, Flickr

Title: The Bottom Line Value of Design Context: The most certain path to profit is great design. No you can’t have a raise. Synopsis: The evidence is no longer anecdotal, design commitment is the single most important business differentiator that

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Icons used in research project

Title: Are Hollow Icons Really Harder to Recognize Than Solid Icons? A Research Study Context: The age old argument between solid and outlined icons finally gets settled. A long 12 months of conflict finally resolved! Synopsis: There are many assumptions

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iOS Yo app plus

If you think the “Yo” app is the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard of, just you wait… via

Dilbert Agile cartoon

Title: Doing UX in an Agile World: Case Study Findings Context: Agile: It’s not just about programming anymore. Now UX designers get to suffer as well. Synopsis: There is an apocryphal saying about democracy being the worst form of government

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