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June 2014

Title: Nine patterns among great UX teams Context: The difference between a good design team and a great one actually has little to do with the design skills of the team itself. Synopsis: I wish I could say that there

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Image credit: Mark Faviell, “I’m With Stupid”, April 14, 2010, Flickr

Title: Spotify’s Design Lead on Why Side Projects Should Be Stupid Context: There are no stupid ideas. Only stupid people too stupid to turn a stupid idea into something great. Synopsis: There are 2 types of great idea. The first

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“GiveImage credit: Klaus M, "Give Me One Million Dollars", April 17, 201, Flickr

Title: Why UX is critical: every $1 invested in UX yields a $2 to $100 return Context: If UX was the stock market companies would be throwing money at it. But its not. So they don’t. Synopsis: If only there

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Content + UI = UX

If a picture is worth a thousand words I figure an infographic has to be worth a couple of dozen at least. via

MetricImage credit: Bobby Hidy, “Metric”, June 20, 2009, Flickr

Title: Choosing the Right Metrics for User Experience Context: Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Einstein said that. I just repeated it. Synopsis: Analytics are easy, right? Just treat all of

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