Title: A conversation about design
Context: Very brief insights from the Google design team. They say “simple” a lot.
Synopsis: Design cultures all have their own core set of beliefs, yet at the same time those beliefs are also predicated on a universal set of tenets. Simplicity. Speed. Intuition. The removal of complexity and doubt until all that remains is the necessary. Of course, like most belief systems, maintaining an orthodoxic rigor to its commandments is easier said then done. All too often the temptations of time to market, of technological complexity, of design narcissism rises in our design soul to tempt us with the quick, the easy, and the painless. We are, after all, only human, and weakness is as much a part of our design humanism as commitment to ideal and strength of will. Yet we battle on trying to master our demons and pursue divine design perfection as best we are able. Amen.
Best Bit: “I work at Google.” “What do you work on?” “I design search.” **pause** “What is there to design?”

via googledevelopers.blogspot.com