Title: Bras in Space: The Incredible True Story Behind Upcoming Film Spacesuit
Context: How a brassiere company that knew what they were doing beat the literal pants off lots of military contractors with no expertise in the race to design the first spacesuit.
Synopsis: Take a bunch of scientists, engineers, military bureaucrats, politicians, and, of course, a few guys going into the deep void of space and what are you still missing? A team of bra seamstresses to design and manufacture the clothing that would keep these astronauts alive as they traversed the distance from the earth to the moon and back again. Of course this is crazy. Of course the military industrial complex should be the source of the material and know how required to keep people alive once they leave the cozy atmosphere of earth. Of course a company that makes bras with a primarily female workforce has no business getting into the business of putting a man on the moon. Of course none of this matters a whit. We sometimes get so penned in by what we are supposed to be good—and bad—at that we forget, there is no substitute for remembering it’s not what people think you should know that’s important, it’s what you actually know that matters.
Best Bit: “It was the same materials. It was bras in space. It was literally the same materials that were used in the bra-making process.”

via thecredits.org