Title: How Designers Destroyed the World
Context: There is an ethical component to design that often gets lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day business of it.
Synopsis: Somewhere in the reptilian recesses of our designer brain we possess the subconscious awareness that all of our decision making need to be made through a prism of greater social responsibility. The cognizant part of our design awareness is often much more concerned with getting the job done, meeting requirements, hitting deadlines, staying within budget so that the hazy nag of our ethical id gets drowned out in the chaos. There is a well worn belief that holds the only prerequisite for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing. By extension, the burden of thwarting maleficent – or at least, negligent – design falls squarely on us as “righteous” designers. The rationale for shirking a principled approach to design is caked in expediency. Doing the right thing should not be a luxury.
Best Bit: “This is how bad design makes it out into the world. Not with malicious intent, but with no intent at all.”

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