Title: How Diagrams Solve Problems
Context: Before you design, diagram. Your designs will be glad that you did.
Synopsis: Faced with a design problem? Of course the first thing to do is jump in and start designing immediately. Then, when you show your design to other stakeholders you get to secretly wish death upon them because they start ripping apart all of your hard work because it’s the first time they’ve seen any of your thinking. “If only I had a tool at my disposal that would allow me to get valuable feedback on my ideas before having to go through all of this preliminary design work” you think. And the good news is that such a thing already exists! Behold the humble diagram. Abstraction meets visual thinking mixed with a bit of logic all with the aid of a few boxes, a couple of arrows, and some text labels. So the next time you are faced with a design problem, you’ll know what to do first…
Best Bit: “Using a diagram to gather feedback and explain your concept gives other people an opportunity to respond to your reasoning, apart from your final design.”

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