Title: “This Is How We Built It” Case Studies
Context: If you do great work and don’t write a case study about it does your great work make a sound?
Synopsis: We make stuff all the time. Then we move on and make some other stuff. Maybe we take a few screen shots of the completed stuff or post some design comps to Behance and move on. I mean the project is done, who wants to dwell on the past? You’re spent after having spent weeks, if not months, if not…well that’s too depressing to think about, but a long, long time slaving over every detail in your stacks and reams and volumes of design work. The last thing you want to do now is sit down and relive it in all of its excruciating detail, writing a few thousand words on what lessons were learned. But you should. You must! It is the introspective designer who learns the clearest lessons from his or her mistakes and successes. So put on your big-designer pants and crank out that ridiculously insightful case study. Your portfolio will be glad that you did.
Best Bit: You might want to pay particular attention to the “Usability” category, but truthfully, all of the case studies are pretty awesome particularly the FI ones.

via smashingmagazine.com