Title: Behavior Change Strategy Cards
Context: Using science to change behavior. What could possibly go wrong?
Synopsis: Designers block can be huge problem. Staring at a blank canvas waiting until the solution to the problem you are trying to solve magically appears before you. Mainlining caffeine. Quadruple checking your email. Organizing your pencil holder…yet again. There are loads of ways we try to trick the elusive resolution from its hiding place, wherever that may be. But perhaps passive desperation is not the most efficient tactic when it comes to overcoming a creative block. Instead, the next time you are suffering from innovation impotence, do not simply and meekly accept your miserable lot in life, instead fight back with every creative stimulus in your arsenal. Don’t fold your hand out of frustration, instead play the cards that you are dealt…
Best Bit: “Then food has a more descriptive label (e.g., Belgian black forest double chocolate cake) people tend to feel more satisfied and perceive it as being more delicious than when the same food has a less descriptive label (e.g., chocolate cake).”

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