Title: The Art of Guerilla Usability Testing
Context: No time, budget, or access to full usability research resources? Go guerrilla on their ass instead.
Synopsis: For those of you who have the luxury of full time research resources at your beck and call, ready at a moment’s notice to convene a full panel usability test for the exact placement of that new UI control; go away, the rest of us hate you. For everyone who’s left reading, don’t we all hate those other guys? Also, I would so like to be like those other guys, but when you can’t you still have options. Specifically, run your own small scale guerrilla usability test to get some immediate and ad hoc feedback that at the very least gets you over the hump of a particularly trying design problem and at best leads you headlong into the solution. So let those other guys have their fancy, organized, professional research panels, we’ll be part of the usability revolution instead. Viva la usability!
Best Bit: “Guerilla usability testing presented itself as an easy-to-perform technique for refining the user experience. It helped us validate (and invalidate) critical assumptions at cheap cost and with rapid speed.”

via uxbooth.com