Title: Don’t Be Afraid of a Pencil.
Context: Sketching isn’t something to be afraid of…Unless someone stabs you in the brain with a pencil. But that almost never happens.
Synopsis: Yes you can sketch. Yes you. Stop looking behind you to see who I’m talking to, I’m talking to you. After leaving the comfort of elementary school where drawing was an accepted part of the natural order of things most people become hysterically self conscious about their perceived lack of artistic talent. All that this accomplishes is giving them an unnecessary handicap when it comes to their communication abilities. Don’t buy into the self doubt and lack of confidence in your ability to visually communicate. Sketch like no one is watching, and everyone will understand what you are trying to explain to them.
Best Bit: “Sketched ideas are raw ideas, and we’re more open to possibilities when viewing them than we are when looking at or working with ideas presented with higher fidelity.”

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