Title: Applying Agile Principles to Design
Context: Put down the Photoshop and iterate.
Synopsis: The jury is no longer out on Agile and UX design. The verdict: perfect together! Great news for those who have been doing Agile based design for a while now (hint: you’re no longer a process loon). Of course, moving from a more traditional approach such as waterfall takes some getting used to. Un-burying one’s design nose from one’s design tools and design specification documents takes some getting used to. Introverted design is passé, while iterative and interactive design charts a course with much less constraint and much more opportunity for serendipitous delight. Agile, it’s no longer just a good idea, it’s the law.*
Best Bit: “Lastly, agile design will help designer work seamlessly with developers also using the method, promoting collaboration rather than silo-induced isolation.”

*Not really the law

via webdesignledger.com