Title: Doodlers, unite!
Context: It’s called visual and emotional thinking. Look into it. Or doodle it. Whichever.
Synopsis: Of all the great and underrated things in life that have somehow been unfairly tagged as degenerative to the human condition (I’m looking at you eating a whole half gallon of ice cream in a single sitting) none is more undeserving of its societal scorn than doodling. Yes doodling, the wasteful exercise of indolent layabouts and shiftless slackers. Seemingly random, meaningless hand-drawn marks are all “The Man” needs to definitively prove and precisely quantify your attentionally deficient work ethic. But no, we have wronged the doodle with inaccurate prejudice. The act of doodling is not indicative of an absence of focus, but is rather the hallmark of an emotionally natural, multi-modal, information processing dynamo. So doodle away against the uninformed bias of uninitiated Philistines and reap its manifest benefits with joy.
Best Bit: “To doodle (the real definition): to make spontaneous marks to help yourself think.”

via ted.com