Title: Hand-Sketching: Things You Didn’t Know Your Doodles Could Accomplish
Context: Oftentimes, in order to draw a conclusion, one must first draw.
Synopsis: There are an endless number of reasons to put down your mouse and pick up a pencil instead, all of which generally get trumped by a single self defeating thought: “I can’t draw.” Nonsense! Everyone can, and most likely does, draw. It’s just that the least artistically confident among us are shamed by our scribblings, positive that were we to share them pointed fingers and peals of laughter would soon follow. Double nonsense I say! Who would dare laugh at one of the most flexible, expressive, universal, clearest, effective methods of communication that we humans literally have at our fingertips? No one, that’s who. So cast off the cables of your 2D computer input peripherals and embrace the timeless pleasure of manually conjuring line and shape and shading as your ideation vehicle. Both the journey and destination will be improved by your medium.
Best Bit: “Not only does hand-sketching improve the idea-generation process, but it provides an effective, visual language that makes it easier for others to understand, comment on and integrate your ideas. This might be even more important in cross-cultural groups, for whom visual sketches can bridge gaps of understanding.”

via smashingmagazine.com