Title: The Right Brain Revolution
Context: Computers aren’t creative. They are merely tools that allow us to spend more time being creative.
Synopsis: We live in a world built on 1’s and 0’s where those who have learned to tame our digital beasts of burden can rightly claim ownership of the technological revolution that has changed all of our lives. These systematic thinking logicians have organized and codified everything we have into rigorous taxonomies that interplay with our own senses on a highly quantifiable plane. That’s one hemisphere of our minds accounted for but what about the ethereal, the magical, the artistic? We have given them short shrift as of late while we awed at the wondrous brute force of the human mind manifesting its output in the physical world. It is time for those tables to be turned on the creative axis where we capitalize on the astounding progress we have made following up our industrial, digital, and informational revolutions with a new era of abstract creativity.
Best Bit: “The illiterates of the future will not be those who cannot read and write or code, but those who cannot connect the dots and imagine a constellation.”

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