Title: Why It’s Important to Sketch Before You Wireframe
Context: Sketch. Sketch. A thousand times; sketch.
Synopsis: The human mind has had millennia to evolve into the wonderfully complex ideation machine that it currently is. And for the vast, vast majority of that time the most effective and common method of communicating thoughts and ideas has been to manifest these concepts into a visual format quickly, easily, concisely. Sure there’s language, but there are so many rules and different types that it has poor interoperability for most quick and dirty collaboration methodologies. Computers claim to help, but they are nascent and strict and far too rigid in their rules for outputting the content of your creativity. No, there is but a single tool that has existed for the use of all ever since the first stick carved the first hunting schematic into the dusty floor of some prehistorical plain. You might be able to think without sketching, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
Best Bit: “A sketch can look bad and still work wonderfully.”

via uxmovement.com