Title: Recent Research in User Experience
Context: What’s new and cool in the user experience world? Glad you asked that.
Synopsis: The line between user experience and code becomes less important every day. The underlying technologies are the literal manifestations of a user experience solution to a framed problem. It wasn’t too long ago (some would say today) that technology dictated a solution and the user experience designers were called in to tart up the product and make it palatable for end users. The chicken and egg conundrum, as it pertains to technology and design, has all but collapsed in on itself. It is becoming impossible to separate them. There are no longer 2 sides to a product’s proverbial coin, the great and compelling experiences are a Möbius strip with no demarcation between the designed and programmed event horizons. If you expect to build things that people want to use the first thing your team must do is eliminate any tension between the interactions in question and the underlying cogs. Seamless product development is where the next generation of great products are to be found.
Best Bit: “And sometimes you’ll hear this gasp of breath–and that’s a very rewarding thing to see, to realize that someone is understanding something that they’ve never understood before.”

via uxmatters.com