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July 2012

Title: Ergonomics for Interaction Designers: Parts 1-3 Context: Human factors isn’t just for industrial designers anymore. Synopsis: Designing and building digital products has traditionally spared interactive user experience professionals from the considerations that the designers of 3D objects had to

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Title: Why Boredom Is Good for Your Creativity Context: If you ain’t bored, you ain’t being creative. Synopsis: I have kids so I know all about dealing with bored people. God forbid 5 minutes goes past without something horribly stimulating

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Creativity is a subset of impossibility. via

The best thing to do when you are lost is to try and find your way home. via

Title: Jack White – Inspiration Context: Sometimes the best ideas come from the most uncomfortable places. Synopsis: I don’t know if you’re a White Stripes (or Jack White) fan or not but the guy is a pretty interesting character (see

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What are your UX organizational challenges? Yes. via